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Supported Living Services Waiver
Children's Extensive Support Waiver
Children's Extensive Support Waiver
Children's Extensive Support Waiver
Children's Extensive Support Waiver
State Supported Living Services, FSSP and OBRA

Supported Living Services Waiver (SLS)


Family Caregiver Option



Children's Extensive Support Waiver (CES)




Steiner SILS Community Center-Day Program








State Funded Supported Living and Family Support Services (FSSP)





  • Personal Care Services

       Assistance with range of assistance with hygiene, bathing, eating, dressing, grooming, bowel and bladder care,
      money management, and grocery shopping.


  • Homemaker Services

       Assistance with cleaning, laundry and household care.


  • Mentorship Services

       To promote self advocacy by instructing, providing experiences, modeling and advising.
      Includes interviewing potential providers, understanding complicated health and safety issues, and

       assistance in participating on private and public boards, groups and commissions.


  • Day Program-Facility Based Services

       Steiner SILS Community Center is our new facility based day program in Sterling.  Activities engage individuals in a

       variety of functional activities emphasizing in skill development, and training in the areas of communication,

       socialization and self-care. These services are provided in a segregated setting.


  • Supported Community Connections

       Supports the abilities and skills necessary to enable access to typical activities and functions of

       community life such as those chosen by the general population. Includes training, retirement and volunteer  

       activities. Services help build relationships and natural supports in their community.


  • Respite Services

       Relief for a primary caregiver so they can have a break from their son or daughter.


  • Job Exploration/Development

       A trained support person will assess and identify vocational interests and capabilities to prepare for

       job development as well as assisting to locate a job on behalf of the individual.


  • Job Support/Coaching

       Job coaching assists with activities needed to maintain paid work including supervision and training.

       Supported employment services are intensive and on-going supports to perform in a regular work setting.

  • Job Placement

       Job placement services can be used to purchase items needed to obtain or maintain employment
      but does not include items that are the responsibility of employers under ADA.


  • Transportation

       This service is to enable the person to gain access to waiver and other community services, activities and resources.


  • Residential Services

       Family Caregiver Option:

       A family member can provide care to the person where the person lives. Paid family member must meet the  

       requirements for a qualified Family Caregiver and is employed by Steiner SILS.


       Host Home:

       The individual lives with a non-family member who provides residential services. Host Homes must meet   

       qualification requirements and services are provided as an Independent Contractor.


       Personal Care Alternative (PCA):

       The individual lives in an apartment/home setting requiring less staff than in other settings.


Steiner SILS works in partnership with the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation to assist all individuals with disabilities in finding employment.


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